Sunday, September 30, 2012

This is the end

Well it is sad to say but this will be the end of my hyperemesis blog.  I have had 4 hyperemesis baby's.  My first in 2004 (a little girl, 8lbs 15oz), my second in 2006 (a little girl 8lbs 11oz), my third in 2009 (a little girl 8lbs 14oz), and my last Sept 2012 (a little boy 9lbs 9oz).  I have had 2 picc lines, 100's of IV's, and all 4 were zofran baby's.  This journey in life was unexpected and sad.  I think I would have at least one or two more if it was not for hyperemesis.  But I am happy to say I fought and beat hyperemesis 4 times.  I know if I can do it anyone can do it.  It is worth the fight in the long run.  I know 40 weeks sounds like forever, but it is not and the end result is the most wonderful gift ever.

Feel free to leave comments on my blog with your e-mail address and I will e-mail you back.  I highly recommend reading the book, Beyond Morning Sickness, for more information.  I hope the journey I went through might help someone else with hyperemesis and I hope and pray for a cure one day.


Angie said...

You'll be back. ;)

Andria Thatcher said...

I'm also LDS, and also on my fourth HG baby. I'm six weeks along and have already had to get IVs four times now. The docs won't put a picc line in because of the risk for infection. I'm going crazy but I know the Lord will take care of me. Thanks for this blog. I ran across it when I most needed to realize that I'm not alone.

SARAH said...

Andria Thatcher.........prayers with you! You can do it, if I can I know you can! The Lord is with you! Feel free to e-mail me at and I can help encourage you along the way!

SARAH said... let me know when you are doing it again and we will chat :)

katie.b.busy said...

So glad you did this blog and that I found it! I have just one little girl and I had severe hyperemesis during my pregnancy. I'm in Australia and I must say that the ER nurses and Drs here are generally not at all sympathetic to HG. Also I don't think they ever do PICC lines or home care as far as I can gather from my doctors and health insurance. Maybe with some large doses of Zofran I could make it through another pregnancy, but the thought of all that vomiting again.... pretty unappealing!